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Diamonds Direct® is an exclusively Canadian brand dedicated to providing honestly priced  diamonds and  jewellery. We call it shopping DIRECT.

At Diamonds Direct®, you can shop our loose diamonds in-store, as well as our Jewellery Direct® and Gold Direct® collections of fine jewellery online.

By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality diamonds and jewellery at a fraction of the traditional retail price. Exceptional quality minus traditional retail markups.

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Compares some of our best sellers with traditional retailers. 

Shopping Direct
$622 CAD
Est. Traditional Retail
$1195 CAD
Shopping Direct
$49 CAD
Est. Traditional Retail
$295 CAD
Shopping Direct
$590 CAD
Est. Traditional Retail
$1095 CAD

At Diamonds Direct our brands only use solid gold, no plated jewellery here.

Forever Golden

Forever Golden


Karats are a measurement of gold purity. Since 100% or "24k" gold is naturally very soft, gold used in jewellery is mixed with other metals to enhance the hardness and durability of the metal.


The most durable and most affordable purity, 10k gold is 10/24 parts, or 41.67% pure gold. The ratio of pure gold to alloy usually give 10k a very soft yellow hue.


14k gold is the most popular purity used in gold jewellery. Still highly durable but higher in purity at 58.3% pure gold.


18k is also highly popular in jewellery crafting. At 75% gold it is softer than 10k or 14k and requires a little more maintenance and care.


Gold jewellery can be found in 3 different tones: rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. While each is produced similarly each hue has a unique composition that allows for the individual  hue.

Rose Gold

Rose gold  includes all the red, rose and pink gold tones. Pure gold is alloyed with copper to create this romantic color. The more copper used, the redder the gold appears.

Yellow Gold

The most common hue for gold jewellery is achieved by mixing pure gold with alloy metals like copper and zinc. The hue of the alloy will affect the hue of the final product making it appear more red, more yellow, lighter or darker.

White Gold

White Gold is achieved by mixing pure gold with white metals such as nickel, silver, and palladium and is typically coated in rhodium.

Oh, Canada!

We believe Canadians have a right to receive transparent diamond advice and pricing, minus the markups. Book an appointment and experience the value of direct to consumer diamond prices and the benefits of expert in-person advice.

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